At Jubilee Farm, we have enjoyed the opportunity of making Mini Silky Fainting Goats part of our family. We became involved with this breed of goat when we found out two of our children had severe allergies to dogs and cats; this made dog and cat ownership out of the question. We began to research goats because we wanted to offer a home to a family pet as well as keep our children safe. After my daughter hugged, kissed, and rubbed her face in one of these hairy little creatures we knew they were meant for us! We started with four mini silkies and loved them so very much that our first four goats have expanded into a beautiful, quality herd. These adorable, fun loving goats make outstanding pets. They each have their own unique personality and style. They are kind and gentle with children. Although they make wonderful pets we are also developing a breeding program that produces champions. We are striving for excellence in long hair coat, conformation, and small size.

Before your kids leave our farm they will be disbudded, wormed, hooves will be trimmed, and depending on their age they will receive at least their first vaccinations. They will also be registered with the MSFGA if they are breeding stock.

For additional information on goats and to better understand if they are right for your family an excellent resource is Goats are wonderful, but just like any family member, they take time and commitment. If you are ready to invest in them you will be greatly rewarded.

The health and care of our goats is our first priority.

We give our goats the best care we can provide by:

  • Test yearly for CAE and Johnes- Herd tested negative for CAE and Johnes 1-2019

  • Dry, clean living environment with a ventilation system

  • Administer annual vaccinations

  • De-worm as needed

  • Regular grooming and hoof trimming

  • Daily interactions with people and children

All of these measures help our herd to stay healthy and meet their fullest potential.

We also spend a great deal of time with our goats taking them for walks, reading to them, petting them, showing them at shows, we even have goats that like to play hide and seek and go sledding, all of this love make the mini silkies on our farm docile and very, very friendly.

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