Literacy Development with Animals Through Play

Here at the farm we take your traditional story time and infuse art, science, music, and goats into it and THAT changes everything! Reading becomes relevant, engaging, fun!

I am a mother of four children, and a certified teacher. I have attended many story times at many different libraries for years, both as a parent and as an educator. While doing this I began to imagine what an awesome opportunity I could provide for kids here at Jubilee Farm. 

As a teacher of the year recipient, I am passionate about developing a life-long love for learning. My education and experiences have inspired me to create an environment on Jubilee Farm for children that ignites their imaginations. 

I felt Story Time needed to be brought to a new level and I could do this by infusing, science, art, music, and, of course, goats! …And so, Reading with Mini Silkies began. The pre-school and school aged Story Time programs that I have developed promote literacy, inquiry, and discovery while meeting a child’s need to have a safe place where they can be curious, play, discover and explore. It is an exciting gift to be able to give kids an experience that is so unique and engaging.

Some of our weekly story time themes for this fall will be… Little Apple Goat, The Jungle, Piggie and Gerald, and Nocturnal Animals…

Tuesday’s Story Time Session will meet: (14 months to 6 years)


9-17, 10-1, 10-8, 10-15, 10-22, 10-29, 11-5, 11-12

Wednesday’s Story Time Session will meet: (14 months to 6 years)


9-18, 9-25, 10-2, 10-9, 10-16, 10-23, 10-30, 11-6

The cost is for the Story Time is 85.00 a session when you register for the entire 8 week session

If you do not want to enroll in the session it is 15.00 for an individual story time.

Some of our weekly Homeschool themes for this fall will be… Dragons and Healthy Eating, Quilts and Geometry, Artist Study of Frida Kahlo.

Thursday Homeschool Group will meet: (School-aged Child)


9-12, 9-19, 9-26, 10-3, 10-10, 10-17, 10-24, 11-7

The cost for the Homeschool session is 1st Child- 100.00, 80.00  (20% off) For the Second Child, 60.00 (40% off) For the third Child, 20.00 (80% off) for the Fourth through Sixth Child

Please plan on staying with your child during this one-of-a-kind experience.

Due to the nature of the program, if you have paid in advance for the eight week session and are unable to make a Reading with Mini Silkies date you will not be refunded.

Payment for Reading with Mini Silkies must be completed before your arrival to class and is non-refundable.

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8 Week Story Time Session
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