We offer our fantastic Silkies for sale as Pets, Show, or Breeding Stock only.


– 600.00

– 800.00 If one or both parents are a Master Champion(s)

Does– (1 year or over)

– 400.00 for pet… Not to be bred.

– 600.00- 1000.00 Depending on conformation and coat


* Bucklings are sold only if there is a reservation made, if there is not a wait list he will be wethered.

– 600.00 – 1400.00 Depending on conformation, coat, and the kids that he has thrown.

Wethers– (Castrated Buck)

– 250.00 If you are purchasing two wethers the cost is 400.00.

Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing multiple Silkies for a reduced cost or if you are interested in a starter herd package.

A 200.00 nonrefundable deposit is required. This deposit will hold the goat for up to 12 weeks. We must receive the deposit 7 days after we have been contacted or the goat will go back up for sale. Final payment must be made in cash at the time you pick the goat up. This price does not include a veterinary exam, health certificate, or any additional testing.

We reserve the right to refuse anyone for any reason the sale of a goat.

Our primary concern is finding a home for our goats where they are loved and very well cared for.

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Please call 517-219-9130 or use the form below to contact Jubliee Farm via email.

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