I have had the privilege of reading and working with many students. One area that I noticed students consistently struggle in is reading comprehension. This lead me to brainstorm on unique, engaging ways for students to retell a story, so I created “Story Pockets”. A program that brings reading comprehension, art, and silky goats to the classroom. These pockets contain “artifacts” of the story… important characters, events, the setting, etc. During the Story Pockets and Silkies program the children will have the story read to them, interact with a Mini Silky goat and help make story pockets. They will be able to keep these pockets and take them home to share and retell the story with their family.

Who: Kindergarten through 3rd Grade Students

What: Story Pockets and Silkies

When: Select Fridays November through the beginning of March (Other days may be available, please contact me if interested.)

2019/2020 Book List

The following books work well as story pockets, I am open to a special request, just let me know.

The Three Billy Goat’s Gruff By Paul Galdone (Kindergarten)

Little Apple Goat By Caroline Jayne Church (K, 1st)

Ferdinand By Munro Leaf (K, 1st, 2nd, 3rd)

Gingerbread Baby By Jan Brett (K, 1st, 2nd, 3rd)

The Quiltmaker’s Gift By Jeff Brumbeau (2nd, 3rd)

One Plastic Bag By Miranda Paul (2nd, 3rd)

Beatrice’s Goat By Page McBrier (3rd)

Times: 45 Minutes… Whatever time of the day that fits into your schedule.


30.00 Per Class if you are in Fowlerville School District (This fee covers the cost of the materials so that I can do this for many, many classes.)

50.00 Per Class up to 30 students if you are not in the Fowlerville school district. Depending on the location of your school a transportation fee may applied.

Contact Us

Please call 517-219-9130 or use the form below to contact Jubliee Farm via email.

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