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Clean Herd… Tested Yearly for CAE and Johnes… last tested 1-8-2019


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I wanted to let you know that Theodore and Timber are doing so great. We love them! They are so friendly and follow us around everywhere when we go for walks outside. Madison is also really enjoying reading them a bed time story every night...I appreciate having those little guys every day.
— Keith

We are home to a herd of outstanding Mini Silky Fainting Goats. Our herd is diverse in genetics and absolutely stellar in coat, size, conformation and temperament. The pedigrees on our farm are from many Master Champions.

We give our goats the best care we can provide by: testing yearly for CAE and Johnes, making sure their living environment is dry and clean, administering annual vaccinations, de-worming as needed, and regular grooming and hoof trimming. All of these measures help our herd to stay healthy and meet their fullest potential.


Reading with Mini Silkies


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